About Lifestyle

Lifestyle pads and pantyliners are proudly made in South Africa by Nampak Tissue.

What makes Lifestyle Great?
Lifestyle has a patented Securefit design on their pads range. The products are designed to fit a woman’s body and offer superior protection.

Lifestyle Freshsense has Odour-Killer, a unique patented formula that’s scientifically proven to eliminate odours.

Lifestyle pantyliners are South Africa’s no. 1 pantyliner brand.

Quality you can trust

All Lifestyle products undergo a stringent quality control and testing process before reaching your supermarket shelves. All materials used in our pads and pantyliners must pass Nampak Tissue's rigorous Product Safety Acceptance tests.

About Nampak Tissue

Lifestyle pads and pantyliners are produced by Nampak Tissue, a division of Nampak Products Limited. As the Nampak Group's consumer products division, we are proud to be the leaders in tissue, fluff and other related household products in Southern Africa.

We have earned a reputation for manufacturing, marketing and distributing trusted, high-quality, value-for-money brands, that are known to many Southern African households.

Some of our most recognised brands include:


Our Away from Home division focuses on providing superior washroom solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors. We supply a wide range of tissue products including toilet paper, hand towels, wipes and facial tissues, as well as user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing dispensers.

Our industrial range is sold under the brand name Twinsaver Away From Home.

Sancella is a joint venture between Nampak Tissue and SCA Sweden, which encompasses the Lifestyle, Cuddlers and TENA brands. Nampak Tissue manufactures and distributes Lifestyle and Cuddlers products and imports and distributes TENA products.

SCA Sweden provides Sancella with technical and marketing support.

SCA Sweden is:

One of the leaders in the feminine protection segment in Europe with the Libresse brand
Number 1 in the tissue segment in Europe
The world leader in incontinence products
Third in North America in AFH tissue
Second in Europe in fluff products