About Lifestyle

Lifestyle pads and pantyliners are proudly made in South Africa by Sancella

What makes Lifestyle Great?
Lifestyle has a patented Securefit design on their pads range. The products are designed to fit a woman’s body and offer superior protection.

Lifestyle Freshsense has Odour-Killer, a unique patented formula that’s scientifically proven to eliminate odours.

Quality you can trust

All Lifestyle products undergo a stringent quality control and testing process before reaching your supermarket shelves. All materials used in our pads and pantyliners must pass SCA's rigorous Product Safety Acceptance tests.

We have earned a reputation for manufacturing, marketing and distributing trusted, high-quality, value-for-money brands, that are known to many Southern African households.

SCA Sweden provides Sancella with technical and marketing support.

SCA Sweden is:

One of the leaders in the feminine protection segment in Europe with the Libresse brand
Number 1 in the tissue segment in Europe
The world leader in incontinence products
Third in North America in AFH tissue
Second in Europe in fluff products